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7/8/2013: Tech-Enabled Human Translation Services from Acclaro Help Global Business Protect Brand Integrity Overseas

As low-quality options flood the Internet, translation and localization agency Acclaro champions human translation as the key to protecting brand integrity overseas. Acclaro continues to invest in tech-enabled environments to maximize efficiency and secure clients' long-term success in the global marketplace. 

New York, NY, July 8, 2013

With global markets a key part of corporate growth strategies, translation and localization agency Acclaro champions high-quality human translation services for developing and protecting brand integrity overseas. Acclaro observes that while businesses have access to more translation options than ever, many don’t know they are losing money and missing opportunities due to poorly translated advertising and marketing materials.

“What businesses save on short cuts is often dwarfed by the threat to their brand. Whether it is awkward sounding copy or sensation-creating faux pas, quality translation is a small cost compared to the revenue potential overseas,” cautioned Michael Kriz, founder and president at Acclaro. “Underperformance by using cheap solutions is hard to measure but not worth the risk.”

Advancing technology has improved the accuracy of tools such as machine translation, which can be very effective for large volumes of technical post-sale material. However most businesses are unaware that human translation services are also becoming more cost-effective with improving translation management technology. In fact, when translating into and from the 30 most commonly used languages on the web, the average per-word price for human translation has fallen over 40% since 2008 according to the report “Trends in Translation Pricing” by independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory (CSA).

As the market becomes flooded with automated tools and low-cost labor alternatives, Acclaro continues to invest in the human translation services that still make up about 95 percent of its annual business. This is because Acclaro observes the demand for quality translators, and an effective agency to manage the process, is rising faster than the supply.

“Every year we see more companies branching into new language markets and they are producing more content than ever,” observed Kriz. “The need for human translation isn’t going away anytime soon.”

In fact the industry is currently worth US$34.778 billion and continues to grow at 5.13 percent, according to “The Language Services Market: 2013” by CSA. “How to Benchmark Your Localization Budget,” a report by the same firm, predicts that 41 percent of global product developers expect to contract with more third-party localization companies in the next year.

Clients often approach Acclaro after struggling to maintain a consistent communication strategy in foreign language markets. Because those failures in brand positioning translate directly to lost sales, Acclaro offers a solution in reliable high-quality human translation services.

“Getting a good translation takes more than just a good translator. First, experienced subject matter experts must be paired with skilled editors. Second, the material must move from pre- production to delivery in a well-managed process. And finally, an efficient productivity environment must be informed by the most up-to-date technology,” said Kriz.

Acclaro is committed to giving companies the best chance at success when targeting new audiences across cultures. With over 1,500 in-country translators, Acclaro is continuously building its team of subject matter experts and refining best practices in central project management. Taking advantage of the most cutting-edge time management technology helps Acclaro maximize productivity and keep costs down for clients.

“We know that doing a really good job takes time and effort in foreign languages, just as it does in English. I’ve seen companies waste a lot of time and money trying to fix and recover from seemingly cheap solutions before deciding to invest in a worthwhile partnership,” commented Kriz. “They ultimately understand the value of developing a long-term team, process and technical strategy for sustained brand growth.”

About Acclaro
Acclaro ( is an international translation and localization agency that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. With its global headquarters in New York and offices and affiliates in San Francisco, Boston, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Tokyo and Paris, the agency translates websites, marketing campaigns, documents and software for global enterprises, giving clients an authentic voice in key language markets.

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