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10/01/13: Acclaro to Present on Linguistic Review at Silicon Valley Localization World 2013

New York, NY, October 01, 2013 – Today Acclaro announces its joint presentation on October 11, 2013 with Visa at the Silicon Valley Localization World Conference. “The Reviewer Roundup: Succeeding with Linguistic Review” focuses on VISA’s success story in turning around its review process, including a step-by-step program description from Acclaro on how to replicate the results. Top localization and translation experts will also be available for one-on-one support at the official Acclaro booth from October 11 - 13, 2013.

Global companies often find that existing staff is burdened by review assignments that have no set timeline, delegation or technology support. Most importantly, reviewers often lose trust that their time commitments will translate to results. The VISA case study addresses these issues and provides practical tips for saving time and money, improving quality, and maximizing vendor partnerships within the review process. Acclaro will also share an effective strategy for increasing reviewer satisfaction along the way.

In addition to VISA, Acclaro has worked with leading global companies and organizations such as Sony, Tiffany & Co., and NetApp, on building a quality-oriented review process into their overall localization program.

“Taking the time to develop and test a custom review process is the only way to avoid these common pitfalls,” says Lydia Clarke, Operations Manager at Acclaro. “By putting our heads together with VISA, we were able to design a new review process that is more effective and more rewarding for the reviewers themselves.”

Though every approach to linguistic review is unique, Acclaro offers a few best practices that can be replicated across every company culture.

For example, Acclaro clients now rely on an automated system to pass a defined number of revisions between the localization team and reviewers. Clear expectations in time and responsibility give reviewers confidence that their time is being well spent and that comments will be carried out in the following draft. A dedicated point person consolidates information, tracks progress and identifies bottlenecks to ensure deadlines are met.

By adapting its process to the work culture and internal structure of VISA’s staff, Acclaro developed a custom system that every company can learn from. The review process becomes controlled, predictable and timesaving. Finalized reviews are received in a consistent cycle and launches are on time. All languages receive proper reviews, increasing the accuracy of materials and protecting brand integrity.

“We are excited to share this case study with the global business community at Localization World,” says Clarke. “We want to give companies hope that even the most complex issues can be turned around with the right partnership.”

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