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06/21/12: Acclaro Kicks Off New Summer Blog Series With a Foodie Slideshow: How Localization is Like Dining Out

The Acclaro editorial team draws inspiration from restaurant dining to provide useful tips on how to choose a translation partner.

New York, NY June 21, 2012—From Napoli to Brooklyn, North Beach (San Francisco) and downtown Chicago, pizza has become its own food group, elevating itself to a staple in diets across the globe. According to, over five billion pizzas are sold worldwide each year, and Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza a day (around 350 slices per second).

So what can a pizza pie teach you about translation? More than you would expect. Besides being the universal dish that people of all ages and in every country can pronounce and love to eat, pizza offers many a lesson in taking a product global. Acclaro explores these useful tidbits and more in today’s blog post: “How Localization is Like Dining Out”.

“At Acclaro, we’re big foodies,” confesses Acclaro CEO and Founder Michael Kriz. “We’ve fostered a food-friendly company culture of sharing home-made and home-baked goods at work, exchanging family recipes, exploring the local restaurant scenes in San Francisco and New York and cooking together. Talking about food on our corporate blog is only natural for us, and we hope that it will engage other food lovers who want to learn more about the translation and localization industry.”

In addition to talking pizza in today’s blog post, Acclaro considers the key ingredients to a pleasant dining experience, and how these elements are also important when choosing a translation agency. Selecting the right translation partner can seem overwhelming and daunting, but five key ingredients can make for a successful and tasty partnership.

“Translation doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring and we’ve set out to prove it this summer through this blog series, ‘Making Translation and Localization Fun,’” continues Kriz. “These slideshows break down localization into tiny, digestible pieces and showcase some excellent photography. We’re confident that business professionals of all backgrounds will enjoy the summer lineup.”

About Acclaro
Acclaro is an international translation and localization agency that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. With its global headquarters in New York and offices and affiliates in San Francisco, Boston, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Tokyo and Paris, the agency translates websites, marketing campaigns, documents and software for global enterprises, giving clients an authentic voice in key language markets. 

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