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Crowdsourcing Translation Services

Draw on the crowd for effective translation

Acclaro provides comprehensive crowdsourcing services that enable organizations to tap their communities of native speakers for translation solutions. We work closely with clients to create tailored end-to-end localization strategies and workflows that benefit from crowd participation.

Defining effective crowdsourcing

Crowdsourced localization is a distributed model of translation that uses contributors instead of, or combined with, professional translators. While crowdsourcing can be used for many types of translation projects, it is most effective with user or mass generated content that might otherwise not be translated, such as blogs, news portals, wiki sites and web applications. By tailoring the approach, following proper etiquette and drawing in professionals as needed, crowdsourcing can produce acceptable or even exceptional results that are both time and cost-effective.

Ideal crowdsourcing projects include:

How does it work?

In general, crowdsourcing follows these steps:

  1. Content is shared with a pool of potential translators through an open call for translation.
  2. Professional and non-professional translators submit translations that follow a workflow for revision, staging and posting.
  3. Translations are reviewed, edited and published, using professionals as needed.
  4. Contributors receive compensation through non-traditional means, such as incentives and recognition.

Crowdsourcing Translation Services from Acclaro

We combine our expertise in localization tools and technology with time-tested processes to provide comprehensive translation solutions for our clients. Our crowdsourcing translation services include:

Consulting, implementation and editing services

In addition, Acclaro crowdsourcing services include:

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Working the crowd to fit your translation needs. We get it.

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