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English to French Canadian Translation Services

English to French translation

With all the talk of emerging markets and global growth, it’s easy to forget that your first foray into international business might be right here in North America. Have you considered a French Canadian translation of your brand for our neighbors to the north?

As more businesses look to expand into international markets, Canada remains a top choice for opportunities with low investment costs. The benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) make products practically duty-free and the trade between Canada and the U.S. exceeds $1.6 billion daily.

Nearly 7 in 32 million Canadians list French as their mother tongue. That's over 20% nationwide. And if you're interested in doing business in Quebec, laws dictate that French is mandatory, and the fines for failing to meet this standard can be considerable. This is where English to French translation comes in.

French Canadian Translation

In-country experts for better English to French translations

At Acclaro, our language experts are native speakers who live in-country. So when it comes to English to French translation for software, documentation, eLearning, marketing or software in Canada, we know the difference between "un bécyque" and "une bicyclette", "un pitou" and "un chien," and "il mouille" and "il pleut." Paying attention to the difference between French in Canada and other Francophone countries means localized translation that's current, seamless, and that sounds right to your French Canadian customers. It's worth investing in quality French Canadian translation if you want your brand to be accepted by new French Canadian buyers. Is your business ready to join global brands like The Men's Wearhouse and Calvin Klein when it comes to expert English to French translation for Canadian markets?

Ready to get started on your English to French translation?

Canada represents a mature market with attractive trade incentives. Canadian French translation can be a cost-effective and convenient first language for your brand beyond U.S. borders. Contact us to learn more about our French Canadian translation services for Canada. Or, request a quote for your translation project.

Canadian French in Canada. We get it.

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