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Professional English to French Translation Services

English to French translation

The third most widely spoken language in the European Union, European French is more than just the language of France. With over 115 million native French speakers and 85 million more who have learned the language, over 200 million people worldwide can "parle français." It's one of the three working language of the European Commission, one of the United Nation's six official languages, and the third most popular language for webpages. So if your business is thinking about expanding into European markets, English to French translation is a good place to begin. Solid French translation services could be the key to opening up global profits that have previously been beyond your company’s reach.

French translation services

Localization: More than just English to French translation

English to French translation isn't just as simple as opening a dictionary, however. Localization means adapting your message to local markets. To connect with French-speaking customers, it’s the meaning that matters, and that includes the cultural norms and expectations of your target regions. Whether it's an English to French translation targeted for France, Belgium, or Switzerland, or one that requires a broad appeal, our language experts use coordinated translation style guides, terminology databases and detailed processes to create high quality results. So get ready to say "bonjour" to your new markets in their native language. With recent projections predicting 500 million French speakers by 2025 (and 650 million by 2050), it's a smart business move to consider French translation services.

Let's get started with your English to French translation project

We have the experience you need to speak French to new customers across the globe. Acclaro has already helped companies like CareerBuilder, Yahoo!, Vera Wang and Fitbit reach out directly to their French-speaking customers. Why not you, too?

When you're ready to find out more, contact us to learn about our English to French translation services for European or more global French-speaking markets. Or simply request a quote for your project.

English to French translation for more than just France. We get it.

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