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Italian Localization & Translation Services

Italian, the beloved language of many

The Italian language is the beloved tongue of some 70 million people around the world. It was pieced together in the 13th and 14th centuries from Latin and a variety of local dialects. To this day, Italian remains the closest to Latin of all of the major Romance languages.

Though it has remained close to its roots, Italian is still a difficult language to translate, since dialectical differences are common. Neapolitan, for instance, often cannot be understood by Italians in other regions.

Italian translation services

Acclaro's team of Italian translators are experienced professional providers of Italian translation services who live in-country, and have a deep understanding of regional dialects — so your translation project will be accurate no matter where in Italy your audience lives.

Trusted by Sony, LinkedIn, and The Met

We've executed seamless Italian translation services for clients in a variety of fields, from website UI translation for LinkedIn to an Italian version of The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Plan Your Visit website.

Among our successful Italian translation projects:

Ready to join the ranks of NetApp and the Make-A-Wish Foundation? Contact us to learn more about our Italian Translation Services.

Language is beautiful. We get it.

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