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Localization Testing & QA Services

Comprehensive localization testing and translation QA services

Acclaro provides comprehensive testing and quality assurance (QA) services for software and website localization projects.

Testing & QA pitfalls

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Globalization Testing

During a full-scale globalization effort, the translation of an application often exposes product coding or presentation layer issues that require resolution. These can include broken functionality and cosmetic issues that can confuse or frustrate international users. It’s also common to have mistranslations due to the limited context a translator has while working with software string lists or resource files. Our expert teams identify and correct these functional, linguistic and cosmetic issues throughout the globalization cycle to ensure exceptionally smooth international product releases.

Localization Testing

Testing & QA solutions

As with all of our solutions, Acclaro starts by assessing what you already have in place for product testing — plans, platforms, roadmaps, scripts and defect tracking systems, as well as your existing processes and experience. We then assemble a multi-disciplinary team, which can include linguists, engineers and QA testing specialists, to address the specific needs of your project. We offer a flexible approach that can include our resources onsite, onshore or offshore.

An overview of our testing services:

Our localization QA process and localization testing is designed with care to ensure that all components of your translated product function as they do in English. Each language can present its own set of unique challenges on a number of fronts, so our testing and QA solutions are tailored to ensure all possibilities are addressed. We customize a comprehensive localization testing strategy, starting with your existing materials and processes. We then work with each language individually to identify obstacles to your product launch, and finally, we check for issues affecting all languages. You can rest assured that your localized product launch will be error-free.

Visit Our Work to learn more about the products we have tested, as well as our other localization services. Then contact us, or request a quote to get started.

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