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The Acclaro Localization Process

7 steps and 4 principles that guide great localizations

At Acclaro, we have one simple objective: to give your target audience effortless access to your information, goods and services.

Our localization process

Localization ProcessTo create consistently great solutions, we follow a set of steps and principles that we call The Acclaro Process. This process enables us to leverage years of collective experience, inter-disciplinary expertise and your existing resources to create exceptional work that informs and motivates people to act.

The 7 strategic steps

From kick-off to delivery, we work closely with clients to:

  1. Understand your goals. We start by consulting with you to understand and potentially refine your unique program objectives and localization goals.
  2. Assess your resources. We work with your team to assess your source materials, localization experience, expectations, technology, linguistic assets, and existing tools, roles and processes.
  3. Exploit your standing. Our team takes an in-depth look at the unique opportunities that may exist at the confluence of your brand, business and user needs to find the strengths that can be leveraged to your advantage.
  4. Present our plan. After reaching a rich understanding of your objectives and assets, our team creates a customized localization plan.
  5. Localize! We then set our technical, language and operations staff free to do what they do best — localize! We draw on years of experience, best practices and in-country expertise to assure the success of your project.
  6. Stay flexible. We believe flexibility is the key to great work. We count on your feedback and on-the-ground realities to inform our progress. We adjust as we go and transform challenges into opportunities.
  7. Deliver great work.

The 4 guiding principles

In addition to what we do, how we work also sets us apart. Four principles guide each step we take:

  1. Transparency. Our teams and processes are an open book. We are here to advance your goals and are ready to share our thinking, discuss progress and incorporate new ideas.
  2. Accountability. We are true to our word. If issues arise, we address them and move on.
  3. Teamwork. We believe that great people working together with the right attitude will produce great work. And, we create working environments where people and teams excel.
  4. Quality. We deliver exceptional localization solutions. Our pursuit of excellence extends from our staff to the way we work to the work we produce.

Learn more about our process in motion by exploring our services and our portfolio.

A process that’s as transparent as it is successful. We get it.

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