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Newsletter July 2009

Navigating Multilingual Websites: Finding the Right Language

Congratulations! A potential client has found your website. However, it's in English and she happens to live in Portugal. How can she avoid the frustration of searching for information she can understand and find her way directly to the Portuguese version of your website? There are many effective ways to lead clients to alternate-language versions of your site, each with its own merits...
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R U TXT CRZY? The Witty World of Multilingual Texting

How does a lover of French cinema invite a friend to the movies using just 11 characters? The savvy texter would type: "6né 2m1? A tt!", which represents: "Ciné demain? À toute à l'heure!" ("Movie tomorrow? See you soon!"). Around the world, users of text messaging (a.k.a. SMS or Short Message Service) have developed a wonderfully witty linguistic subculture...
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Say It With A Bouquet: The Localization of Flowers


The pleasure and perils of sending flowers across cultures
There's nothing like a bouquet of flowers to deliver a kind message to a friend, client or colleague. However, be careful when choosing the flowers, especially when sending them abroad or to someone who is not native to your country. Sending yellow flowers to Russian or French contacts is a no-no, but sending chrysanthemums to a Japanese friend shows that you really understand the culture...
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Spotlight on Services:
Acclaro Staffing

Acclaro Global Workforce is an expert resource for finding and placing temporary and permanent staff for localization positions.

Our staffing projects include:

  • Placing translators, project managers, internationalization experts, localization engineers and other necessary personnel onsite for short or extended periods of time
  • Finding and training testers from around the world to review international search rankings
  • Qualifying and placing functional, linguistic and QA engineers who remain in place through the release management cycle
  • Staffing onsite linguists and multilingual personnel
  • Deploying globally distributed teams of contract QA and in-market support staff
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Contact Caroline Cox at ccox@acclaro.com to discuss your localization staffing needs.

July Webinar: The Basics of Website Globalization

On Thursday, July 30, 2009 Acclaro globalization expert Jon Ritzdorf presented The Basics of Website Globalization.

This one-hour webinar highlighted examples, provided useful tips and covered the basics of web globalization by reviewing five core business questions:

  1. How will an international user find the site?
  2. How will they navigate it?
  3. What will they see?
  4. How will it be adapted to the local market?
  5. How will they interact?

To view this webinar, please contact Stephanie Engelsen at sengelsen@acclaro.com.