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Top 10 Tips for Software Localization

Take your product local and drive your business into new markets

Localizing software can be a daunting task. But, with a little preparation and the right team, you can ease the process enormously, saving time and money. Read our top-10 tips to avoid the common pitfalls of taking your online, desktop or client-server application to new language markets.
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See our website for other top-10 tips:

Say What You Mean: Fun Expressions Around the World

Have you ever walked like a cat around hot porridge? Or, thrown flowers at yourself? You probably have and didn't even know it! These literal translations of figures of speech are examples of the wit and insight that all cultures employ to convey truisms, humor and the subtleties of human behavior. Here is an example of an interesting Thai expression:

[ To learn more about fun expressions around the world click here ]

How to Tip in Other Countries

Few customs demonstrate the importance and complexity of culture as much as the presentation of a tip. In some parts of the world, a tip is voluntary and shows genuine appreciation for a job well done. In other places, a tip may be a significant part of someone’s income or automatically factored into the cost of the service. Elsewhere, a tip may be met with confusion or even rejected as rude or inappropriate...
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Spotlight on Acclaro Services:
Flash & Multimedia

Lights, camera, cue spokesperson or avatar... Action! Now let’s translate! Bringing multimedia across language lines takes more than a simple overdub or subtitle translation. It requires expertise with intricate technical and cultural issues that can make or break a new language multimedia project.

Acclaro localization teams work with numerous file types and technologies, and will partner with you to adapt multimedia projects for global markets. We localize:

  • Adobe Flash movies and presentations
  • Training courses and eLearning applications
  • DVDs
  • Corporate videos
  • Online and computer games
  • Interactive websites with animation, audio and video

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Contact sales@acclaro.com to discuss your Flash and multimedia localization needs.

Webinar: The Basics of Technical Document Localization

On Thursday, November 5, 2009 Acclaro presented a free, one-hour webinar on "The Basics of Technical Document Localization."

During this webinar, Dina Paglia looked at best practices and presented practical, actionable tips for developing technical communication that can easily be transported across languages and cultures — minimizing headaches, costs and turnaround times along the way.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The Localization World: Definitions and Misconceptions
  • Technology: How Software Tools Can Help
  • Content Creation Tips
  • Technical Tips

To view this webinar, please contact Stephanie Engelsen at sengelsen@acclaro.com.

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