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6/18/14: In light of Recent Panda 4.0 Update, Acclaro Underlines Criticalness of Translating PR and Marketing Content

Given the constantly shifting global SEO landscape, multilingual digital content is a tried-and-true method for gaining and maintaining international mindshare and boosting global search performance. 

New York, NY, June 18, 2014 – In reaction to Google’s latest release, Panda 4.0, translation agency Acclaro and global press release distribution partner Kontax underscore the importance of translating high-quality PR and marketing content for international audiences. If multilingual content was a critical facet of a global marketing strategy prior to Panda 4,0, it has now become an indispensable one. 

“Panda 4.0 has completely changed the rules of the game,” explains Malcolm Duff, CEO and President of Kontax. “Companies have invested astronomical sums of money in building vast digital empires through content syndication but practically overnight, this tactic has gone from being a bonus to a malus.” Duplicate content is now viewed by Google “bots” as spam and the websites associated with such content are penalized.

This is welcome news for American companies that have a track record of developing quality-oriented English content and that are looking to leverage that content internationally. Translation is a fast and efficient way to multiply online influence, 10-fold, or even 50-fold, depending on the number of languages targeted.

Moreover, it represents a way for companies with a multilingual website to maximize the return on their investment in website translation through global search engine marketing. In light of Panda 4.0’s impact, a critical component of global SEM involves translating and/or creating new multilingual content.

“The race to global markets is real and, depending on the industry, many if not most of the battles are waged digitally,” comments Michael Kriz, CEO and Founder of Acclaro. “American companies that are serious about competing internationally need a quality-oriented content strategy to gain global mindshare and promote their multilingual website.”

Acclaro offers a range of services to take the burden off of companies that lack the resources to execute a comprehensive global marketing campaign: 

“High-caliber multilingual content is one of the things we do best at Acclaro, whether it’s a press release, blog post, digital brochure or white paper,” comments Kriz. “Our clients rely on us to create translations of their consumer-facing content that are both well written for their target audiences and optimized for local-market search engines.”

An investment in these marketing translation services is a sound method for hedging a company’s search engine performance against future changes — and a surefire way to capitalize on the new rules that have emerged with Panda 4.0. 

About Acclaro
Acclaro is an international translation and localization agency that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. With its global headquarters in New York and offices and affiliates in San Francisco, Boston, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Tokyo and Paris, the agency translates websites, marketing campaigns, documents and software for global enterprises, giving clients an authentic voice in key language markets.

About Kontax
Kontax is a global press release service with no equivalent anywhere in the world. Available in more than 160 countries and their respective languages, Kontax allows corporate and institutional customers in every country to publish an unlimited number of multimedia press releases in the language of their choice, and to obtain professional translations of their press releases in any other language.

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