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Technology Expertise

Translating a website into Hindi, German, Spanish and Arabic? No problem!

Acclaro makes the most complex technical challenges simple. And complex can be an understatement when you’re translating a website or software package into Hindi, German, Spanish and Arabic — simultaneously.

Technology-enabled services

While our translation and localization services are executed and managed by people, technology helps make us more efficient. We deploy the latest industry tools and technologies to assist our professionals — reducing manual tasks, automating steps and inserting quality checks. This translates into quicker turn-around times, better quality and lower costs for our clients.

A few of our tools

Some of the technologies that have the greatest impact on our teams and clients include:

Technology in motion: An overview of our process

We begin the technical phase of each project by reviewing all localizable assets and defining project specifications. Depending on client need, we may also perform an international readiness assessment. Once we analyze files and detail our findings, our engineers begin separating language from code, and manage the process using automated change detection and management tools that enable system-wide content updates. As the project progresses, our technical leads oversee testing cycles that ensure the final product is a seamless linguistic replica ready for rollout.

Learn more about our team, The Acclaro Process and the range of industries we serve.

Using technology to serve you. We get it.

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