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08/02/12: Acclaro Vice President Ora Solomon Showcases Top 10 Localization Projects from the Past Decade

From entertainment and fashion to software, alternative energy and social media, 10 global clients demonstrate the 10-year-old translation agency’s versatility and growth since its founding in 2002.

New York, NY August 2, 2012—Given consumers’ preference for visual “eye candy” versus text, Acclaro continues to ramp up efforts to connect with audiences online via imagery. In this vein, the marketing group released a new slideshow this morning that illustrates the richness and breadth of the localization projects that Acclaro teams have managed over the past decade. “Nothing speaks to the value, quality and sophistication of our work like actual project samples,” explained Ora Solomon, vice president of sales and operations. “We can boast endlessly about the amazing companies and products that we’ve worked with, but an image tells a better story in less time.”

This project slideshow is the third installment in a 10-part series leading up to the Acclaro 10th anniversary this fall. Published this morning, it showcases Solomon’s 10 favorite client projects, as diverse in scope and nature as the countries they were destined for. Featured industries span fashion, alternative energy, wine and spirits, entertainment, software, marketing and social media, among others.

“We don’t like to play favorites,” continued Solomon, “but these 10 projects are among our all-time top picks because they each involved a cutting-edge product that was stepping into new territory, or a world-class brand that required customized localization processes. Most of these partnerships continue into the present, shaping our company culture, direction and focus.”

LinkedIn is one of the clients featured in the top 10 project slideshow and is representative of the caliber of companies that trust Acclaro with localizing their products and services for global markets. Adapting an app as intricate and complex as their platform required Acclaro to resource in-country social media experts for each of LinkedIn’s target markets. The challenges were well worth the effort, however, as the end result was a resounding success.

“We are privileged to work with the brands that are transforming the face of global commerce,” commented Solomon. 

About Acclaro
Acclaro is an international translation and localization agency that helps the world’s leading brands succeed across cultures. With its global headquarters in New York and offices and affiliates in San Francisco, Boston, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Tokyo and Paris, the agency translates websites, marketing campaigns, documents and software for global enterprises, giving clients an authentic voice in key language markets. 

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