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Translation & Localization Agency - Our Story

The founding of a new kind of localization firm

Acclaro is the creation of a team of colleagues who helped pioneer modern translation and localization, transforming it from a niche business in its early days to a thriving and essential international industry. As the industry took shape in the early ‘90s, numerous localization firms were rolled into ever larger, public companies. Businesses seeking more personalized service than these large firms could provide were challenged by the limited experience of smaller agencies and frustrated by a lack of world-class providers.

A new kind of localization services

As leaders in the field, Acclaro’s founders realized it was time to create a new kind of localization services firm — one that could manage complex projects and provide superb service to nurture lasting relationships and produce tangible results. Acclaro was founded in 2002 to fulfill this vision.

Our services: quality, service and accountability

Since our founding, we have grown rapidly, building strong relationships and staying true to our core values of quality, service and accountability.

Today, we have offices and affiliates on four continents and a talented international staff that delivers on our unique promise to provide world-class localization solutions with personal, reliable service.

A new kind of localization firm — capable, responsive, transparent. We get it.

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