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Sports Beyond Borders: Positioning Brands from Sailing to Soccer


Watching the America’s Cup sailing and England’s Premier League soccer matches recently, I was struck by how two sports with global reach have remarkably different audiences and energy. I’m a lifelong sailor and weekend soccer fan with my kids, and I also happen to be a New York Red Bulls season ticket holder. The stadium crowds and rowdy camaraderie of supporters as the MLS playoffs approach contrasts with the smaller, more reserved enthusiasm of high-performance yacht racing at the culmination of sailing’s premier global event.

This made me wonder if there might be insights our clients, senior marketers, and brand managers might draw from these sports and their rising profile both in the U.S. and abroad. It seems to me that international sports teach international business lessons, too.

Visa and Acclaro at Localization World: The Secret (Sauce) of our Success


If you’re joining us for the Localization World Conference this month, you will get to hear from Lydia Clarke, Acclaro’s West Coast Operations Manager, and Fabio Fernandes, Visa’s Director of Global Client Training & Publications, who will discuss how Acclaro helped Visa improve and streamline their linguistic review process.

And if not, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a sneak peek of what you can expect in today’s post. Enjoy!

Creating a Global Website? Five Tips for the Best Translation


Is your company ready to go global? While your product and team might be ready to jump into a completely new market in Brazil or Japan, your website will probably need some help to make the transition. Website translation is a multi-step process, so knowing the roadmap before you get started will help make the process smooth for all involved. Read on for a quick overview of website translation with some tips and tricks for getting the best results from your translation partner.

Many Languages, Many Devices, One Design


Responsive web design — designing websites that work across a multitude of devices — has emerged in the last year as the dominant mode for device-neutral sites. As our options for accessing web content expand to include screens of all sizes, responsive web design helps reduce the complexity of creating content for all those screens. Sounds simple, right? But when you throw the multilingual needs of a global audience into the mix, things can get a little complicated. Read on for some of our best tips for making sure your design works for multiple languages and multiple devices.

Warhol Contest: We Have A Winner!


The winners are in for the “POP Your Culture With The Warhol D.I.Y. Pop App” contest, which Acclaro hosted in association with The Andy Warhol Museum. Nicholas Chambers, the Milton Fine Curator of Art of The Warhol, chose the grand prize, second and third prize winners, as well as the 10 finalists for the People’s Choice Award.  

Our contestants won some great prizes, from a trip to The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, to gift certificates, to way more than 15 minutes of fame. Today’s post reveals the artistic winners and shows off their submissions!

Contest: POP Your Culture With The Warhol D.I.Y. Pop App


Follow in the footsteps of American icon Andy Warhol by entering the Acclaro pop art photo contest in association with The Andy Warhol Museum. Warhol re-imagined everyday items such as soup cans, soda bottles, and portraits to give us some indelible artistic images. Now you get the chance to leave your mark on the world and win a free trip for two to The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Read today’s post to get all the details.

The Value of Style Guides in Translation


The devil is in the details in any language, and when it comes to ensuring your brand communicates as clearly in Japanese as it does in English, the style guide is your translator’s best friend.

Creating and maintaining a style guide is a worthwhile investment in your brand’s future. Clarity, consistency, and maintaining an on-brand voice depend in part on access to a central reference for translators as they bring your company’s products and service to life in new markets.

Sure, with infinite monkeys, typewriters, and time you’ll produce a Shakespeare play or two, but can you really gamble your international client base on the idea? In this post, we’ll take a look at why a style guide makes a big difference in localization projects.


How Tweet It Is! Using Twitter to Your Global Advantage

Using Twitter to Your Global Advantage

Twitter is powerful and multilingual social media platform. Leveraging search engine optimization, Twitter can build your brand’s visibility and reputation, improve your relationships with clients and give you a competitive edge. The platform’s heightened transparency and the potential cost of a misstep worry some companies. Increasingly, however, businesses are putting their misgivings aside to join in the speed-of-light global conversation. A carefully-crafted Twitter program fully integrated into your global marketing strategy can put your company on the map. 

Been There, Never Done That: Four Hours In Istanbul

October 18, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Culture, Translation Services Company, Translation Agency

Have a layover in Istanbul as you jet from Europe to Asia? Or looking to spend some time after a business meeting with your Turkish partners? While a visit to Topkapı Palace demands at least half a day and the Grand Bazaar can be overwhelming, there are plenty of ways to get a taste of this eclectic and unique city without following the traditional tourist paths. Read on for our tips for enjoying Istanbul to the fullest.

10 Causes We Care About


Acclaro has grown a lot in the ten last years, but it remains an organization that’s focused on doing good as well as doing well. Our employees regularly participate in charity events, and Acclaro’s proud to support their efforts, sponsor their participation, and in some cases, even match employee donations! Acclaro also supports charitable organizations in each of its three U.S. locations, which keeps our eyes on the “local” even as our localization work has us thinking, emailing, and talking all around the globe.

10 Most Interesting Blog Posts


At Acclaro, we've helped Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and leading American brands succeed in global markets with their innovative products. One of the ways we try and communicate the most current, cutting-edge localization news is through our blog. While we've already brought you the 10 most popular blog posts in our Q1 2012 newsletter, we'd like to continue our 10th anniversary blog series with the 10 most interesting posts we've done, to date. Check them out....

10 Top Acclaro Retail Brands

At Acclaro, we've helped Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and leading American brands succeed in global markets with their innovative products. Fashion has become one of our fortes over the past decade.

In today's 10th Anniversary slideshow, we take you directly to the localization runway. The featured clients in this show have worked with Acclaro to adapt their marketing, digital presence, training programs and more to global markets. 

10 Things We Can't Live Without

At Acclaro, we've helped Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and leading American brands succeed in global markets with their innovative products. So what's the secret to our unending passion for high-quality localization services? To our tireless efforts to redefine the face of the localization industry and set a new standard for quality and customer service?

There are 10 things that keep us going at Acclaro. They sustain us through long hours, short deadlines and coordination across time zones and country borders. Here they are…

Our 10 Favorite Localization Projects at Acclaro

10 Favorite Localization Projects at Acclaro

At Acclaro, we've helped Fortune 500 companies, tech startups and leading American brands succeed in global markets with their innovative products. And though we've enjoyed every project, we've picked a few favorites to feature here that were especially complex, or challenging or simply fun. Here are the top 10 from the past decade.

Language Fun at the Olympics

July 31, 2012 by Kathryn Tsiavos
Category: Culture, Translation Services Company, Language Translation Services
Translation at the Olympics

Boom! And they’re off! Did you hear the gunshot from across the Atlantic? The summer 2012 Olympic Games have officially begun. If you want to see a great example of a fusion of languages and cultures from around the world, the Olympics are your ticket. 

Top 10 Countries for Acclaro Localization Projects

Where to start when making the leap with your business from domestic to global? Get 10 great options to guide your localization strategy in this interactive slideshow on our top destinations.

10 Movers and Shakers at Acclaro

this is the alt text

Who are the dream-makers, idea masters and innovators at Acclaro? The big players who change the face of the translation industry on a daily basis? And what makes them tick? Get to know them and their most eccentric hobbies in this interactive slideshow on the top 10 Acclaro movers and shakers.

Get Your Geek On

May 7, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Q&A, Translation Services Company

Calling all localization geeks (and we know you're out there)! Have you got burning questions standing in between you and your multilingual software release or global web launch? Jon Ritzdorf, Acclaro's own in-house localization guru, and self-avowed geek, has made himself available to answer questions about any technical localization issue your heart desires. 

Client Birthday Celebration: Acclaro’s NetApp Partnership Turns Two

Join us in a celebration of our two-year partnership with NetApp, and learn how Acclaro has helped NetApp with reviews of localized marketing materials for simship in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Korea, Japan, UK, Mexico, Hong Kong, and China.

Oh, Yes. We're Bragging.

Pardon us while we toot our own horns for a minute, but we have reason to brag. Our biannual client satisfaction survey was recently released and our clients love us ... they really love us. We are top-of-the-class when it comes to overall satisfaction, and on the honor roll for communication, flexibility, and translation quality. Read on for more info and to view the press release.

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