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The Beginner's Guide to Localization & Translation

Five Key Considerations for Localization Novices

Acclaro can help you understand the technical, linguistic, cultural and business intricacies of preparing your product or service for global markets. Because we've worked with a wide range of industries and companies, we have the know-how to guide you through a seamless localization project.

1. What are my options for translation?

Professional translators, existing multilingual staff, or a translation software program?

If you value quality, consistency and accuracy in your translated materials, professional human translation is the recommended solution. For some large-scale projects, including technical content and internal documents, an automated translation program (Machine Translation) with pre- and post-human editing may be appropriate. For rare or one-off urgent projects, you may want to opt for translation from an in-house multilingual staff member.

2. How can I be assured that I've received good quality translation? 

Quality should be a priority at each step in the process, from project set up to quality assurance (QA). Achieving a high standard typically involves:

3. What is the typical translation process?

The basic translation process involves:

4. How do I choose a translation vendor?

Your translation vendor should be:

Realize that you’re outsourcing a set of specialized and time-sensitive tasks that are closely coupled to your creative and development process. Ask your potential vendors how they plan to help you achieve your overall goals for your products, services and brand in your new language markets. Read more on choosing a localization vendor.

5. What technologies are used in translation?

The translation industry takes advantage of a variety of technologies:

Want to learn more? Read our top ten tips for your localization project and check out our localization and translation blog. Ready to localize or need some more questions answered? Contact us or request a free quote.

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