The 2012 Euro Cup is Big International Business

Euro 2012 and Localization

On July 1st, the winner of the 2012 Euro Cup will be decided. Have you been following the action with over 150 million others worldwide? If not, some of your clients might be! But don’t worry, there’s time to consider your options.

Join us in the stands in the meantime for a look at the first Euro Cup to be hosted in Eastern Europe, how one company launched a successful 16-country marketing campaign around the event, and what the language of team slogans might reveal about the hearts and minds of football fans across cultures. 

UK English and the Importance of Localization

June 26, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: International Business, US Translation Services, Localization
UK English Localization

Do you have new business ventures on tap for Europe this summer? Britain is a natural springboard, combining a low barrier to entry for American business with high economic potential.

Your next step? Localize for the UK. While this may seem far-fetched, the cultural and linguistic differences between American and British English are significant enough to warrant special attention.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the differences which merit translation from American English to British English as well as several high-profile companies which have made the investment. 

Geek2Geek Answers: WordPress and Timed Transcripts

June 25, 2012 by Jon Ritzdorf
Category: Website Translation Services, Q&A

Our resident globalization architect and localization geek, Jon Ritzdorf (see his Geek2Geek webpage) answers your localization and translation questions. Read on for the most recent Q&A about graphics and tools, and what Jon has to say about them.

How Localization is like Dining Out

Making Localization and Translation Fun

What do pizza and translation have in common? You're about to find out...

Secrets to Successful International Expansion

Translation and International Expansion

Bargain shoppers worldwide now have access to some familiar US-based retailers, like Walmart, Costco, and Target. But these growing international businesses don't look the same as their home-country counterparts. New formats, products, even store names are some crucial ways that these power-houses have embraced international markets and seen growing profits as a result.

So what makes for success with international expansion? The short answer: adjust to local markets. But with so many variables in play, how do you truly get local when it comes to global growth?

Making Localization and Translation Fun: Intro

Importance of Translation and Localization

This summer we’re making localization fun with a series of slideshows on some of our favorite vacation activities. Every week we’ll explore the connections between localization and summer pastimes like barbecuing or a day at the beach. It’s a summer sampler of vivid imagery, tasty recipes and useful tidbits served up with some bite-sized pieces of localization advice.

Localization Cost Savings, Part Three: Software

In this cost-savings blog series, we offer tips from our in-house localization experts on how to shave dollars off of your translation budget. Software localization can be especially unruly when it comes to managing costs. This post reviews four ways to set yourself up for serious savings and keep your software localization project on track with your finances.

Sharing Our Expertise in Retail Localization

We're always learning here at Acclaro, whether it's the latest in developer applications or the correct way to give gifts to a client in Japan, Russia, or Germany. Recently we've been sharing what we've learned when it comes to retail and eCommerce, publishing five (count 'em, five) articles in a variety of industry publications over the last four months alone. Read on to learn the "secrets" of adapting to new markets worldwide with mobile retail websites, multilingual translation, and more.

Geek2Geek Answers: Website Translation with Custom Labels & .po Files

June 6, 2012 by Jon Ritzdorf
Category: Website Translation Services, Q&A

Our resident globalization architect and localization geek, Jon Ritzdorf (see his Geek2Geek webpage)answers your localization and translation questions. Read on for the most recent Q&A about graphics and tools, and what Jon has to say about them.

All About Document Translation

Steve Donlon, Acclaro's Senior Publishing Lead, provides some insights about the complexities of document translation. Anyone who has ever cut and pasted may know that sometimes your expected results don't always appear as expected. Throw in multiple languages and often, problems can multiply. As the business world continues to understand the importance of translation and communication, multilingual formatting is getting easier in some respects, but it's far from a perfect science. Interested in knowing more about what the process entails? Read on for more.

Do You Know Ruby on Rails? We Do.

Just because we're already savvy with web localization (including web apps) doesn't mean we still can't learn a thing or two. Acclaro now adds Ruby on Rails (RoR), an increasingly popular web application development framework, to our list of web localization specialties.

Super Dubbing on Track to Replace Movie Subtitles in Japan

Face it, America: Japan is tired of reading your movies. You move too fast and your convoluted plots are better said than read. And if you’re a Hollywood actor? Sorry, but unless you’re bilingual, don’t be surprised to hear your voice replaced by one of a cast of Japanese celebrities in the near future. The age of Japanese super dubbing is here.

What is super dubbing, you ask? Read on, intrepid international business leaders. While it may seem like a trend confined to the entertainment industry, it could have an impact on how you release and promote your own products in Japan.

Global Trends in Mobile Health

Around the world, the growing field of mobile health, known as mHealth, is using simple wireless devices to keep people healthy and help doctors and public health workers work effectively with patients near and far. Wireless health can also help spread accurate information about public health crises like a tuberculosis outbreak almost as quickly as the spread of the disease itself.

In the developed world, people use mobile health apps for everything from quitting smoking to monitoring calorie intake. But mHealth is particularly effective in the developing world, where mobile devices are much more common than computers or TVs. While most trends in global health start with governments, mobile health is being driven primarily by the private sector. This new industry of health-related mobile apps presents challenges and opportunities for developers and users alike.

Geek2Geek Answers: PSD File Prep & Favorite Localization Tools

May 24, 2012 by Jon Ritzdorf
Category: Q&A, Language Translation Services, Localization

Our resident globalization architect and localization geek, Jon Ritzdorf (see his Geek2Geek webpage) answers your localization and translation questions. Read on for the most recent Q&A about graphics and tools, and what Jon has to say about them.

Right Back at You, Buddy: American Hand Gestures in Translation

Like a picture, a gesture is worth a thousand words. When travelling internationally or planning creative content for a global campaign, you may be compelled to use a seemingly innocuous gesture of approval, like a thumbs-up or OK sign. Watch out, though, as the thousand words you get might not be the ones you want. Here's a quick guide to common hand gestures and their various global perceptions.

Retrospective: Software Localization

May 17, 2012 by Jon Ritzdorf
Category: Software Translation, Software Translation Services

2012 marks Acclaro’s 10th anniversary and we’re taking a look back at how the translation industry has changed over the past decade. This month, we’re all about software. Mobile devices, in particular, have changed the way software is developed and presented, and our localization and testing procedures change too, as more and more companies offer software to global users. Read on to find out more about the changes we’ve seen and how we’ve adapted.

Been There, Never Done That: Four Hours (or more) in Amsterdam

May 10, 2012 by Aart Balk
Category: Culture, Language Translation Services

Traveling to Amsterdam soon? Want to blend in and look like a real kaaskoppen, sipping jenever and munching on Hollandse Nieuwe, or perhaps some Vlaamse friet and satehsaus? Read on for a taste of real Dutch culture from a real Dutch person. Guest author Aart Balk gives you a sense of what you won’t want to miss in the vibrant heart of The Netherlands (aka Holland).

What Did You Say? Best Mobile Translation Apps for Business and Travel

May 8, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Software Translation, Mobile, Software Translation Services

Unless you work at the UN, real-time translation isn’t always easy to find. Mobile translation apps make it easy to take a translator with you wherever you go. Unlike language apps that teach you a foreign language, translator apps can help you have a face-to-face conversation in an unfamiliar tongue, decipher street signs, and decode foreign phrases without having to acquire an entirely new vocabulary.

Get Your Geek On

May 7, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Q&A, Translation Services Company

Calling all localization geeks (and we know you're out there)! Have you got burning questions standing in between you and your multilingual software release or global web launch? Jon Ritzdorf, Acclaro's own in-house localization guru, and self-avowed geek, has made himself available to answer questions about any technical localization issue your heart desires. 

Talking Turkey: Why You Should Do Business Under the Moon Star Flag


Turkey may not be the first place in mind when you think of global expansion, but the country merits serious consideration if you want to establish a presence throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The country’s future is bright, its people friendly, but there’s an expectation of serious commitment when you bring your company under the moon star (ay yildiz) flag. The Turkish proverb, “Bir kahvenin kirk yil hatiri vardir” (A cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years) speaks to both the social and serious nature of an investment in the region.

In this blog post, we’ll take a brief survey of the business case for Turkey as well as a few cultural guideposts you’ll want to heed when you make the move.

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