Client Birthday Celebration: Acclaro’s NetApp Partnership Turns Two

Join us in a celebration of our two-year partnership with NetApp, and learn how Acclaro has helped NetApp with reviews of localized marketing materials for simship in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Russia, Israel, Brazil, Korea, Japan, UK, Mexico, Hong Kong, and China.

Streamlining Marketing Translations

Do you manage marketing translation and localization projects internally for your company? If your company is new to the concept of going global, you’ve probably encountered a few common problems with communication, project flow, and writing for translation. Don’t worry…with a little effort, you can reduce these hassles.

We’ve put together a few tips that will help you reduce the cost and improve the quality of your translation and localization projects. Integrating these initiatives with your teams can have a profound impact on the reputation of your brand in international markets. Even better, you should see your team’s stress level decrease with improved processes in place.

Retrospective: Machine Translation

As Acclaro gets ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're taking a look back at some trends that have changed the way we do business today.

Throughout the history of the translation industry, human translation has always been the best way to get the best quality. Over the past ten years, however, machine translation has matured into a viable solution for more and more industries. Translation is not just cryptography. Language is often a fluid and illogical medium and good translation requires fluent knowledge and careful attention to detail and nuance, something that computers just don't do very well. However, that doesn't mean they aren't trying...or at least, getting better.

A Six Question Primer on Machine Translation

April 19, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Technology, Q&A, Machine Translation Services

Machine translation. It sounds simple, right? Rather than use a human translator, you put the burden on a computer. How hard could it be? 

That depends, of course, on how much you value making sense from what you’ve translated. And that depends on what — and how much — you’re translating in the first place.

Machine Translation (MT) is a powerful and evolving solution to the complexities companies face when they must quickly and inexpensively make large amounts of information available to international audiences.

In this six question Q&A we’ll give you the “nuts and bolts” (if you will) about the current state of MT and how it might help you save time and money on your next translation project.

Seven Ways to Succeed in China

When you’re scanning the globe for a few hundred million new customers, China might naturally come to mind. While China may very well be your next source of international growth, it’s not an easy place for foreign investors and U.S.-based businesses to get a foothold. Global companies stumble time and again attempting to access China’s lucrative market. In this post, we’ve put together seven ways you can make the road to Chinese expansion easier to travel.

Top 10 Factors for Successful eCommerce Localization

Opening up global markets online isn’t merely a matter of buying a domain name in other countries and translating product descriptions. To earn a return that truly justifies an investment in international eCommerce, you’ll want to go beyond the basics of translation.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at ten key factors which have a direct impact on your ability to maximize the lucrative traffic of international buyers. Whether you’re thinking about Brazil, China, Turkey, or beyond, you’ll need to work with a partner who can help you cover these crucial aspects of localizing your shopping cart and customer experience.

Simplifying International Shipping

Can a zip code get in the way of profits? If you're a business looking to tap into overseas markets, shipping internationally can cause some unexpected headaches. From postal codes that have less than five digits to not knowing the correct customs procedures when shipping to places like Brazil, Saudi Arabia, or Japan, potential pitfalls abound. However, as many major companies in the US are finding out, you can set up your site to make shipping and deliveries abroad simple. All it takes is some research and preparation to embrace markets that are waiting for your products. Read on for our top tips for shipping internationally.

Six Aspects of Software Localization You Should Never Neglect

April 5, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: Software Translation, Software Translation Services

When is a software localization project truly done? Is “satisfactory” in the eyes of your user truly enough to protect and promote your business globally? A savvy translation partner will make sure you’re covered in all aspects of going global with your software, not only with the basics of localization, but also with the devilish details described in today's post.

Complete software localization means taking the time to go beyond code prep, translation, editing, cultural analysis and mission-critical testing. In this post we’ll look at six often neglected aspects of software localization and explain why leaving these areas out of your localization project could be a costly mistake.

Tetraphobia and Doing Business in Asia

If ignored, tetraphobia — literally, fear of the number four — could be deadly for your brand in Asian markets. So what is this common superstition and how can you avoid falling into its trap when expanding your business into China, Japan, Korean, and other East Asian countries? And why are we so brazenly flirting with Fate by posting this on the fourth day of the fourth month? Read on to find out more....

Disposable Films from Around the World

The 2012 Disposable Film Festival, a wonderfully "lo-fi" yet decidedly global short film event, took place recently at San Francisco's gorgeous Castro Theatre. The requirements for consideration are that your film be shot on "anything you might have on you" (according to the submission guidelines), and have a runtime of under ten minutes, Our intrepid in-house cinephile, Stephanie Engelsen, reports on the best of the shortest from around the world.

Oh, Yes. We're Bragging.

Pardon us while we toot our own horns for a minute, but we have reason to brag. Our biannual client satisfaction survey was recently released and our clients love us ... they really love us. We are top-of-the-class when it comes to overall satisfaction, and on the honor roll for communication, flexibility, and translation quality. Read on for more info and to view the press release.

2012 Web Globalization Report Card

The 2012 Website Globalization Report Card is out, and now is a good time to get a view into this year’s best globalized websites. We’ll take a look at the factors driving this year’s ranking as well as the criteria used to judge how well companies are performing on a global scale. The biggest players are doubling down on their international reach, and for good reason.

While Google and Facebook continue the battle for the top spot, others have lost ground to companies aggressively upping their international game. Read our coverage of The Best 25 Global Websites for 2012 and discover who’s on the move.

Acclaro President Discusses Retail Localization

Are you a retail company looking to go global? Acclaro President Michael Kriz provides some pointers to navigate international cross-channel marketing and create an optimal customer experience…no matter where (or how) your customers interact with you.

Kraft Foods: A Lesson In Global Marketing

Kraft Foods created the name “Mondelez International” for a portion of their international snack business. Unfortunately, part of that name carries a, shall we say, decidedly NSFW meaning for Russian speakers. How did Kraft negotiate the slip-up? Read on to find out.

Acclaro Turns 10!

Acclaro is 10! Break out the non-alcoholic sparkling beverage! (while champagne would be more fitting, 10 year-olds shouldn't imbibe, after all). We are pleased to announce our first decade of providing business translation services to clients across a multitude of industries.

12 Untranslatable Words for 2012

March 20, 2012 by Acclaro
Category: "Spot" on Language, Culture, Language Translation Services

Do you ever find yourself searching for a word that's not there? Perhaps it's a term you're sure should exist, a certain feeling, or an adjective that you just can't quite pinpoint. If you know more than one language, we know you've searched for a term in one, only to come up short in another. With all the richness of words in the world, there are certainly some words and expressions that are untranslatable when it comes to English. Because language and culture are so closely intertwined, it's no wonder that we cannot fully render all words into all languages. Read on to find out the meanings behind mysterious words like jayus, tartle, and prozvonit.

The Acclaro Blog Is Two Years Old

The Acclaro blog is two years old! Two full years of snippets of localization savvy, language, and international business, all for you, dear Mr. or Ms. Acclaro Blog Fan. Since 2010, we've done our best to bring some pizzazz to your international business life, and we hope we've succeeded. Come with us as we take a trip down blog memory lane.

Creating Internationally Friendly Forms

It's la fin ("the end"). The French government has dropped the title of "Mademoiselle" from "official forms and registries". This leaves "Madame" as the only title option for women, corresponding to the equally matrimonially-neutral title of "Monsieur" used by men. What's good for the goose might be good for the gander, but if you use forms on your website for France and beyond, you'll want to make sure they are properly localized for your global markets.

Breaking News: We Have Our Heads In the Cloud

Acclaro has invested in cloud-computing technologies to help streamline internal and client-facing communications, especially around time-sensitive project information for translation services. Key benefits include cloud-based, centrally-located repositories for project information and query management, which facilitate communication and shorten project lifecycles. Read the press release on Acclaro and cloud-computing, or click below to read the full post.

Colors and Cultural Connotations

Can you translate colors? With the variety of connotations for colors worldwide, meanings aren't fixed. Maybe you're savvy; you might know that white is the color of death in China and sorrow in India but associated with peace and marriage in Western countries. Or that red can mean everything from danger to love to luck to mourning, depending on where you are in the world. But do you know about other connotations of colors like orange and purple? When it comes time to reach out to global markets, knowing color associations can ensure your message doesn't get lost in psychological color translation. Ready to see how color connotations translate across cultures?

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