5 ASO Tricks for an Internationally Outstanding App

January 21, 2014 by Ben Howdeshell
Category: Software Translation, Technology, Mobile
ASO Localization

Explosive app growth has become a worldwide phenomenon, with countries from Brazil to China, Japan to the UK experiencing surges in mobile app revenues and downloads. Want to make sure your app doesn't get lost in the shuffle? It's time for app store optimization (ASO), a rapidly evolving practice that allows your app to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Read on for our ASO localization tips and leverage your mobile app across global markets.

CuidadoDeSalud.gov: An Example of Machine Translation Misused

January 15, 2014 by Acclaro
Category: Localization Tips, Machine Translation Services

¿Cómo se dice "disaster" en español? The U.S. national healthcare exchange website launch has been plagued with problems in more than just English.

As thousands found out this winter, “CuidadoDeSalud.gov” was considerably less fluent than it needed to be to serve Spanish-only populations in the U.S.

The Spanish version of the enrollment website provides a cautionary tale on the topic of localization, machine translation (MT), and why quality assurance is a must.

Bitcoin Breaks Borders with an International Street Presence


When a currency’s exchange rate shoots from 1:13 USD to over 1:1000 USD in a single year, you can bet it will make headlines around the world. Such is the story of Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency which debuted in 2009 as a means of peer-to-peer payment online.

But what happens when an online currency makes the leap offline? With merchants around the world embracing the cryptocurrency, the implications are global. Hedge funds are trading it, governments are banning it, and consumers? They’re spending it. 

The "Christmasification" of Asian Markets


Whether online or in the mall, ‘tis the season for retail profits. If you’re someone who laments the commercialization of Christmas, stop reading now. In the United States, retailers can expect up to 50% of their annual sales to occur around the holidays. Forecasts are positive for this year’s holiday sales and look to be significantly higher than in the last ten, according to the National Retail Federation. But what about markets that aren’t closely linked to Christmas, such as China or Japan? Will Santa bring similar profits to eCommerce retailers in Asia? Today's post answers that question.

Spotlight on Six Retail Markets


In planning your global expansion, you may be initially overwhelmed as to which regions or countries would be a good fit for your company and its products or services. No matter your strategy, you will want to make sure your global customer base will respond well to what you have to offer.

The historically more mature markets of Western Europe have some competition with up-and-coming regions in Asia, South America, and the Middle East. In today's post, we highlight six of these areas, their economic strengths, and how to approach translation.

Retail in Any Language: Global Shoppers Hunger for Thanksgiving Deals


Americans have become used to stuffing themselves on Thursday with all the trimmings and then stuffing their stockings with blockbuster deals on Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday. But (surprise!) it turns out one of the great U.S. cultural exports is our shopping holiday.

That’s right, the doorbuster deals have become a global phenomenon. So which countries spend big on the hottest retail weekend of the year? And which country dwarfs U.S. spending with their own special shopping holiday? We’ll take a look at how U.S. brands are connecting with global consumers and the ways in which major U.S. online retailers localize the holiday for shoppers overseas.

Travel Tips for Tech Startups Going Global


Is your tech startup ready to go see the world? In the past, travel was a leisurely luxury. Those of means (both financial and temporal) used to take a Grand Tour or ride the Orient Express through Europe; today it’s jets and five capitals in five days. Get ready to move quickly.

Planning ahead is key to get make the most of your global entry. Knowing the latest social working sites and mobile trends are a definite must. Read on for four tips when your startup is setting off to see the world in style.

Software Localization Project Over Budget? Some Pitfalls to Avoid


Simplicity can save you both time and money, especially when it comes to a software localization project. Looking for a few simple ways to keep the process streamlined and efficient? Think concatenation will solve all your problems or that you have enough room in your current design for translated text? Read on to see what simple steps can save your next project’s budget.

Making ELearning Courses Translation Friendly


ELearning has transformed employee training across the globe, helping companies standardize their message and ensure that their employees at all levels are receiving the same information. A solid learning management system coupled with eLearning tools and platforms like Articulate have already changed the way companies large and small are doing business.

Gearing up to design your own Articulate course for your employees? Read on for a few simple ways to effectively create globally friendly eLearning courses.

Halloween & eCommerce: The Surprising Connections #GlobalHalloween


Boo! Instead of handing out candy this Halloween, we’re making a round of the globe to see how people are celebrating. Pumpkins and costumes aside, Halloween has become a marketing phenomenon worldwide. From Indonesia to France, it seems that everywhere you look there’s black, orange, and spooky sales. Want to share your experience of #GlobalHalloween? Read on for more and share your story too.

The Many Facets of Chinese Translation Projects


Based on headlines alone, China seems to swing between topics of political censorship and economic growth. And it’s true — there are turbulent social, political, and economic forces at work in China today, especially as the middle class rises and the “Great Chinese Internet Firewall” becomes increasingly porous. For both reasons, China should be on your radar if you have international expansion plans for your business.

But how much do you know about the Chinese language? If you want to serve Chinese customers, which written version is right for your website, and what about the optimal spoken dialect?

In this article we’ll talk about all of these choices and take a look at what Wikipedia has learned since launching Chinese Wikipedia in 2002. It might be just what you need to inform your strategy in China.

MOOCs and Your Global eLearning Strategy


Is the open source enterprise education revolution almost upon us?

If you’re wrestling with the best way to keep your international teams up to speed on organizational intelligence and training, you may want to keep your eye on MOOC.org, a partnership which aspires to create a new global portal for eLearning.

Never heard of MOOCs? Join us for an overview of the MOOC.org partnership, the way Massive Open Online Courses are redefining access to education, and where all of this may fit in your company’s global eLearning strategy.

Global Graphics for Happy Designers: Three Top Tips


Design might transcend language, but that doesn't mean your talented team of graphic designers is happy about working in languages they can't read. If your global expansion has you using English to Chinese translation for banner ads, Spanish for corporate websites, or Arabic for your eCommerce site, chances are the once seemingly straightforward design complex has become much more complex. Looking for ways to put a smile on your design team's face and save on your translation budget? Read on for our three top tips to streamline design with a global audience.

The Fundamentals of Internationalization for Global Business

October 15, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Marketing, Localization Tips, Language Translation Services

Internationalization and localization. To the uninitiated they sound interchangeable, jargon deployed in the profitable process of exporting software to new international markets. Abbreviated i18n (internationalization) and l10n (localization), they have specific definitions which you’ll want to understand if you’re contemplating turning your app or service into a brand with global reach.

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is, this short overview will clarify the particulars and help provide a framework for what to expect when you work with a translation agency to expand your market overseas. We’ll take a look at their definitions, their scope, and the teams who have a part in the process.

Sports Beyond Borders: Positioning Brands from Sailing to Soccer


Watching the America’s Cup sailing and England’s Premier League soccer matches recently, I was struck by how two sports with global reach have remarkably different audiences and energy. I’m a lifelong sailor and weekend soccer fan with my kids, and I also happen to be a New York Red Bulls season ticket holder. The stadium crowds and rowdy camaraderie of supporters as the MLS playoffs approach contrasts with the smaller, more reserved enthusiasm of high-performance yacht racing at the culmination of sailing’s premier global event.

This made me wonder if there might be insights our clients, senior marketers, and brand managers might draw from these sports and their rising profile both in the U.S. and abroad. It seems to me that international sports teach international business lessons, too.

Visa and Acclaro at Localization World: The Secret (Sauce) of our Success


If you’re joining us for the Localization World Conference this month, you will get to hear from Lydia Clarke, Acclaro’s West Coast Operations Manager, and Fabio Fernandes, Visa’s Director of Global Client Training & Publications, who will discuss how Acclaro helped Visa improve and streamline their linguistic review process.

And if not, you’re in luck, because we’ve got a sneak peek of what you can expect in today’s post. Enjoy!

The Struggle to Preserve Endangered Languages

September 24, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: "Spot" on Language, Language Translation Services

In the next hundred years, about half of the roughly 7,000 languages spoken around the world will disappear. With a current world population of seven billion people it would seem that there are plenty of languages to go around. However, 87% of the world's population only speaks the 85 largest languages. That means that the 3,500 smallest languages have only 8.25 million speakers total. But not all endangered languages are vanishing. Read on for an inside look into how preserving these words is helping more than just the people who speak them.

You Are What You Snack: Korea

September 19, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Culture, Marketing Translation Services, Localization

Food has a lot of cultural pull. Consider the gastronomic delights of a gourmet French restaurant, the artistic beauty of the sushi roll, or the fragrant panoply of Indian cuisine. You can be sure to find global cultures represented in restaurants such as these the world over. Sushi in Stockholm? Sure. Tacos in Tel Aviv? Yep. Pasta in Pakistan? No problem.

Today's post takes you out of the restaurant scene and into a more casual — and often more interesting — offering: snacks, specifically those found in Korea. 

Nokia's Foray into Urdu with a New Low-Cost Mobile Phone

September 17, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Mobile, Technical Translation Services

The recent launch of Nokia's new mobile phone, the Nokia 114, has something more than just a low price and array of features. The phone also supports Urdu among its nine languages, opening up the market for the 150 million Urdu speakers in India. In keeping with recent global mobile development trends, this launch is yet another great example of local adaptation for a global brand.

Accha! / OK! Ikea Stores Make Their India Debut


With an eye to an untapped market of, at minimum, 50 million new customers, Ikea has done amazing cultural engineering to open up demand-side India — including possibly manufacturing the welcome mat! It’s an amazing lesson in retooling just about everything a company does and still remain true to the brand in philosophy and practice.

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