Moving On Up: What the UK's Growth Means for Global Businesses


Recent reports point to a marked growth in the UK's economy, a happy change for many. Much of this acceleration is due to a burgeoning service sector, with construction, manufacturing, and services on the rise. With positive forecasts for the foreseeable future, we dive into just why your business should consider expanding into the English-speaking markets across the Atlantic. 

Been There, Never Done That: Four Hours in Las Vegas

September 5, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Culture, Localization

Your typical Las Vegas business meeting might be followed by your typical Las Vegas night: grab a drink, hit the Strip, check out a show, wander from casino to casino, and of course, don’t forget the fountains at the Bellagio. Hopefully, you’ll still have enough cash in your pocket for taxi fare to the airport.

If you're looking for some off-the-beaten-path options, though, we've got a few options to consider in today's post.

Back to School: Acing the Localization of Agile Software Development

September 3, 2013 by Caroline Cox
Category: Software Translation, Localization, Software Translation Services

September signals the end of Summer and the start of classes, and for companies who follow Agile software development methodologies, this post welcomes you back to school, too. It’s time to become a student of localizing for global releases in an Agile development cycle.

So if you’ll pardon our extended metaphor, sprint your way onto Acclaro’s big yellow school bus and we’ll teach you seven simple lessons to help you ace your first big test when it comes to localizing releases within an Agile development environment.

After all, no one wants to be held back a grade while their competitors graduate to a wider global customer base.

Creating a Global Website? Five Tips for the Best Translation


Is your company ready to go global? While your product and team might be ready to jump into a completely new market in Brazil or Japan, your website will probably need some help to make the transition. Website translation is a multi-step process, so knowing the roadmap before you get started will help make the process smooth for all involved. Read on for a quick overview of website translation with some tips and tricks for getting the best results from your translation partner.

Fore! Golfing Your Way to Global Success


The PGA Tour continues this week with The Barclays tournament returning to Jersey City, NJ. Golf for some might be a good walk spoiled, but for many it’s the perfect way to unwind through 18 holes. Whether you’re an aficionado or budding amateur, these three golf-inspired lessons can get you to the international green on time and on par.

Tips for Multilingual Search Engine Marketing


A global business’ best asset is a global website. However, it’s not as simple as just translating your website — all those global customers need to find you. Your company, service, or brand may already face stiff competition in another country, making visibility a challenge. Utilizing your English search engine marketing (SEM) campaign and tailoring it for your international markets can help ensure you rank well on global search engines. Today’s post gives you some tips to make sure your website doesn’t get lost in SEM translation. 

Developing Africa’s Knowledge-based Economy via eLearning


If you had to mark ground zero on a map for the world’s most explosive eLearning market, where would you place your pin? Your mind might naturally drift to established economies where network connectivity and computing power are ubiquitous.

The truth is Africa is home to countries with the most aggressive growth rate in self-paced eLearning. Eleven of the sixteen leaders in eLearning sector growth have rates above 15.2%, with countries such as Senegal above 30% and Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya well above the 24% mark, according to the research firm Ambient Insight.

African nations are eager to retool and reshape themselves for the knowledge-based economies of the 21st century. In this article we’ll look at some of the trends in eLearning and see what that means for knowledge management and training for companies in Africa.

A Quick Start Guide to Stellar Translation

August 6, 2013 by Ben Howdeshell
Category: Localization Tips, Localization

First time managing a global launch of your website, software, or documentation? Fear not. Ensuring a successful global launch is possible with a little up-front preparation. From determining the key players on your team to developing reference materials to understanding the technology behind the process, today’s post gives you some tips to help take the worry out of going global, and our newsletter article (linked inside) goes into more detail. Take a deep breath and dive in!

The Top Global Brand Strategies Every CMO Should Know


What do Johnny Walker, Nike and Beats by Dr. Dre have in common? All three companies have successfully used global branding strategies to take their marketing campaigns across the world. But the best global brands don’t just cut and paste what worked in France and do it again in China. Instead, led by smart Chief Marketing Officers, these companies have honed techniques that range from the concepts at the heart of the campaign to the importance of names.

Ready to learn some top global brand strategies and how they can help your company? Read on for the secrets used by CMOs to make global campaigns that really work.

Five Tips for Translation-Friendly InDesign Files


Adobe InDesign is an invaluable tool for creating print and online marketing materials. Your graphic designers are likely using it to build everything from brochures and catalogs to ebooks, white papers and social media press releases.

Today's post gives you some tips for creating global InDesign documentation that looks as great as your English version.

Been There, Never Done That: Four Hours in Tokyo


If you’ve done business in Asia, odds are that you’ve flown to (or through) Tokyo. With two bustling airports, Narita and Haneda, Tokyo has the world’s third-busiest airport system, coming in just after New York and London. But busy as they are, Narita and Haneda have nothing on the city itself when it comes to crowds — Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan area, packing in over 35 million people in its 23 wards and 39 municipalities. And it seemingly has almost as many tourist destinations as people. Taking just four hours out of your travel schedule — whether it’s a layover or a few hours between meetings — means Tokyo can keep you busy.

Tips for Software Localization with Agile Development

July 18, 2013 by Lydia Clarke
Category: Software Translation, Localization

Where software is concerned, agile development has a lot going for it: quick and frequent releases, adaptability to changing conditions, increased efficiencies for error correction, and more team involvement. However, hiccups in the process need to be addressed quickly by team members, no matter where in the world they may be. When you’ve got multilingual software to consider, you will want to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Today’s post, and our newsletter article, cover some things to think about if you’re agile — and global.

Mobile, Smart Technology: The World At Your Cafe


A quick look at any café will show that technology has radically changed over the last decade. Smartphones are seemingly ubiquitous with people checking their email as they wait for their coffee. Others sit in front of slim portable computers lightyears faster than the clunky laptops of 2003, using wifi to turn a table into a mobile office. And then there are tablets, large and small, changing how people read, bank, connect, and play.

What will a café look like in ten or twenty more years? Will your business be able to stay competitive as new technologies grow and change the marketplace even further? Read on for our recap of global technology trends that promise to create new business models and new marketplaces.

23 Words That Survived the First Global Warming

July 11, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: "Spot" on Language, Language Translation Services

A team of evolutionary biologists headed by Mark Pagel of the University of Reading in the UK have traced back some 100 known regional languages through the seven basic Eurasiatic tongues. The team came up with 23 “ultra-conserved” words whose sounds and associated meanings would likely be understood by our ancestors back 15 millennia.

U.S. West Coast Startups Go Global

July 9, 2013 by Marla Bloch
Category: Website Translation Services, International Business

Falling out of fashion is the old startup approach to going global: Get established in the U.S. and then begin branching out slowly overseas. Tech entrepreneurs are quickly learning how internationalizing early can save money and fuel unparalleled growth.

If you’ve got the next big startup in bootstrap mode, you’ll do well to learn why adopting a global mindset sooner rather than later could be the key to reaching funding stages. From culture to code, overseas growth could make the difference.

In this article we’ll talk about the benefits of internationalization and localization for startups and take a look at major startup success stories internationally.

Americanized English: Why Uncle Sam's Slang Won't Cut It in the UK


Here in the States, you’re getting ready to celebrate the 237th anniversary of independence from King George and his redcoats. Before you light up the grill and set off the fireworks, let’s take a look at how far American English has diverged from the English of its former ruler and my home country. We still share a common tongue, but many words have grown in opposite directions, meaning one thing in the States and quite another in the UK. And nothing highlights the differences between American English and British English better than slang.

Building Brand Equity in International Markets with Human Translation


Every year we see companies branching into new language markets, producing more content than ever. The demand has flooded the translation space with a wide spectrum of solutions, some of which promise fast, low-cost alternatives to traditional human roles in translation.

Yet while translation technologies have improved and will continue to become more sophisticated, the demand for human translation has grown steadily. In fact, the demand for quality human translation is arguably rising faster than the supply. What lies behind this seeming contradiction?

There’s more to capturing new markets than the transactional, information-based function of communication. The growth and protection of global brands depends upon brand voice. When it comes to voice, the human touch is the gold standard in translation.

Within the market, there’s a place for every tool. But the billion dollar bets in translation are placed in human hands. In this article, we’ll take a look at why.

Many Languages, Many Devices, One Design


Responsive web design — designing websites that work across a multitude of devices — has emerged in the last year as the dominant mode for device-neutral sites. As our options for accessing web content expand to include screens of all sizes, responsive web design helps reduce the complexity of creating content for all those screens. Sounds simple, right? But when you throw the multilingual needs of a global audience into the mix, things can get a little complicated. Read on for some of our best tips for making sure your design works for multiple languages and multiple devices.

Africa: Rapid Mobile Growth with No End in Sight


There’s plenty of buzz about BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries when strategizing about emerging mobile markets. But even as South America and Asia grab headlines, there’s another continent worth consideration: Africa. With 650 million mobile phone subscribers (that’s more than in either the European Union or the United States), African markets are set only to grow even more. Mobile phones are becoming the PCs of Africa, adapting to local needs and wants along the way. Read on for the top African countries on our radar as well as the special considerations needed for tapping into this booming mobile market.

Fast Facts on the Irish Language

June 18, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: "Spot" on Language, Language Translation Services

The Irish language is much more than just Éirinn go Brách ("Ireland forever"). With a unique word order, a strange lack of irregular verbs, and no words for "yes" or "no," this language boasts a history just as rich as the people who speak it. Ready to learn more about Irish yourself? 

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