Congratulations to Fitbit on their Japanese Expansion


One of the pleasures of working on complex, interesting website translation and localization projects is watching firsthand how our team adapts and collaborates to meet the challenges of our clients.

It’s gratifying to say that Fitbit’s Japanese launch pushed us to do some of our finest work, and as president, I wanted to publicly thank everyone at Fitbit for the opportunity to help bring their innovative connected fitness products to Japan. The project was a team effort with substantial challenges.

Japanese translation is one of Acclaro’s specialties, and we’re excited to watch Fitbit’s growth in this new market. 

So You Want to Take Your Website Global....


To ensure a successful global website launch, it’s good to consider some issues early on in the process, such as your own content management system’s (CMS) infrastructure and capabilities for handling multilingual content, the relevancy of your content for your global users, and the general tone and style you want to impart in translation. If you’re preparing to launch your site internationally, today’s post gives you some good starting points, and links to our more detailed newsletter article on the same topic.

The Varieties of Spanish

April 2, 2013 by Sandra De Luca
Category: "Spot" on Language, Language Translation Services

Spanish is an extremely varied language, spoken in at least 20 countries and even differing among regions within the same country. Finding an easy way to express yourself with a single Spanish translation can be a challenging, but not impossible, task. Knowing your specific regions and working with good in-country resources or a translation agency can help make sure you avoid using the wrong term in the wrong area. 

Painting the Town with Monsters: Bangkok's Street Art Festival


A giant monster terrorizes a city, leaving a trail of… art in its wake. Playful and provocative, Bangkok's Bukruk Street Art Festival has literally marked this city in a whole new way. Curious to find out what European and Thai graffiti artists can do when they put their minds to it? Read on to see how their art acts as a global language that pushes boundaries. Think of it as graffiti meets localization on a (literally) massive scale.

Contest: POP Your Culture With The Warhol D.I.Y. Pop App


Follow in the footsteps of American icon Andy Warhol by entering the Acclaro pop art photo contest in association with The Andy Warhol Museum. Warhol re-imagined everyday items such as soup cans, soda bottles, and portraits to give us some indelible artistic images. Now you get the chance to leave your mark on the world and win a free trip for two to The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Read today’s post to get all the details.

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing

March 19, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Software Translation, Technology, Software Translation Services

The only thing that evolves as fast as the technology we use every day is the jargon used to describe it. The phrases “cloud computing” and “in the cloud” are employed on a daily basis by CEOs, CIOs, project managers, and advertising execs to describe a variety of technology and productivity situations in our network-obsessed culture. Like many others, you may have a general sense what “the cloud” is, but what, exactly, do these phrases really describe? And how does the cloud operate for international businesses?

Even if you haven’t invested in a cloud computing solution for your own business, global or otherwise, you’re probably already accustomed to cloud-based services. Whether synchronizing your eBook reading or streaming your music collection through Spotify or Rdio, you’re already relying on the tenets of cloud computing. In this post we’ll define that nebulous nimbus phrase, take a look at some of the pros and cons of building a business dependent upon it, and shed a little light on cloud computing in other countries.

Been There, Never Done That: Four Hours in Reykjavik

March 14, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Culture, Localization

Ah, Iceland. It's the land of fire and ice, Björk, and seemingly-unpronounceable volcanoes. The country's breathtaking beauty has put it firmly on the travel map and we're surprised this northern gem stayed secret for so long. Where else can you learn about Vikings, see whales, relax in geothermal spas, and ski all in one day? Read on for things to see and do in this land of strange contradictions.

Tips for Managing International Content


So your business plan is in place and you’re ready to enter new markets. But is your content ready? Developing and managing international content for multiple language markets isn’t something that happens overnight. From creating localization-ready source content to figuring out a content management strategy, there are a lot of factors to consider. But with some advance planning, you can set your international content up for multilingual success. Read on for some of our top tips for smoothing the international content creation and management process. 

Social Media Redefines Market Segmentation


Social media has gone global and, in the process, redefined how companies approach market segmentation. A tried and trued approach to marketing, market segmentation has stood the test of time by evolving and expanding to include factors that go well beyond the traditional. Today, in addition to relatively demographic statistics, market segmentation also takes socialgraphics, psychographics and the critical role of influence into consideration, forcing global companies to dig deeper to find marketing gold.

Building B2B Relationships the Japanese Way


Building business alliances in Japan requires a nuanced approach. What plays in America’s full-contact football brand of capitalism doesn’t necessarily cut it on the quieter golf greens of the Japanese version. If you want the executive-level internal support you need to close deals and expand your share of Japan’s stable economy, you simply must understand how to “play it as it lies” rather than call the play. Steve Pollock, CEO of Turnstone Ventures, explains more. 

The Global Office: Work Cultures Around the World


Work cultures can have different meanings around the world. In America, we talk about having a 9-to-5, 40 hour a week job, According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) rankings in 2011, the top three countries in terms of hours worked, based on a combination of paid and unpaid hours, were Portugal, Japan, and Mexico. Strikingly for Japan's 9 hours of work, almost 3 of those are unpaid, whereas in Mexico, the work day is closer to 10 hours with a little over 4 of those unpaid.

In some countries, it's not just the length of the workday that matters, but how those hours are spent, and the all important work/life balance. Read on for some other considerations for businesses around the globe.

Simship: The New Normal

February 25, 2013 by Jon Ritzdorf
Category: International & Global Translation Services, International Business

Targeting “simship”, or simultaneous shipment, can be a complex juggling act for businesses trying to build a solid global presence. Transforming simship from an improbable afterthought to a do-able, desirable and ultimately profitable process requires a clearly defined enterprise-level globalization strategy bolstered by a solid commitment to internationalization. Aiming for simship will have an impact on decisions from code and UI development to QA and testing, and entails certain costs. Those costs, however, which may include slower release times in domestic markets, can translate into long term profits.

Haute Cuisine: Why Is French the Lingua Franca of Cooking?


You don’t have to be a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu or a fan of Julia Child to know that French dominates the language of cooking. Words as familiar to English speakers as restaurant, gourmet, and cuisine all came to us from French. And if you are a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, or any other cooking school, you may have noticed that almost the entire culinary vocabulary is French, no matter what country you’re in or what language the instructor speaks. From au gratin to zest(e), French is the lingua franca of the kitchen. So how is it that French became so inextricably linked with the culinary professions? 

Modern Technology for Ancient Languages


Here’s one for the hardcore language nerds out there (like us!). We couldn’t resist sharing this article we discovered recently about a computer program developed by UC Berkeley and the University of British Columbia to reconstruct the vocabularies of ancient languages.

While you certainly won’t need to have your brand translated into proto-Austronesian anytime soon, the implications of the technology and its relationship to human linguists is fascinating to consider.  Read on for a brief look into how computer scientists and language historians join forces to take us on a tour of major mother tongues.

Valentine's Day in Denmark

February 14, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Culture, Localization

On this day last year, we told you all about Valentine’s Day in Japan, and the related holiday of White Day. This year, we look to Denmark and the custom of gaekkebrev, or "joke letters", that are part romantic declaration and part riddle. While more traditional Valentine's Day traditions are now in vogue throughout Denmark, gaekkebrev are definitely unique, and we wanted to give them the spotlight today.

The Year of the Snake and International Marketing


Sunday, February 10th marked the beginning of the Year of the Snake for many people around the Asian world. And continuing a global business trend, international retailers took notice as snake-themed items hit the shelves (both digital and otherwise). Not only is this a timely move for marketing and advertising teams, but a smart one, as this is a major gift-giving season for millions of people.

The Value of Style Guides in Translation


The devil is in the details in any language, and when it comes to ensuring your brand communicates as clearly in Japanese as it does in English, the style guide is your translator’s best friend.

Creating and maintaining a style guide is a worthwhile investment in your brand’s future. Clarity, consistency, and maintaining an on-brand voice depend in part on access to a central reference for translators as they bring your company’s products and service to life in new markets.

Sure, with infinite monkeys, typewriters, and time you’ll produce a Shakespeare play or two, but can you really gamble your international client base on the idea? In this post, we’ll take a look at why a style guide makes a big difference in localization projects.


Saving Money on eCommerce Localization


Complex eCommerce platforms can present challenges when entering global markets. Each platform in a different market acts much like an independent entity, especially when you consider the market-specific customizations you may need. Today's post gives you five pointers to make the process easier and more cost efficient.

From the Runway to the World: Fashion-Forward Video Localization

January 31, 2013 by Acclaro
Category: Multimedia, Localization

While heel height, skirt length or on-trend colors might change from season to season, the principles of successful video localization are truly timeless. Multimedia involves more components than traditional text translation and it can be a challenge to get the script, audio, and visuals to all combine seamlessly, much like putting together all the components of a stunning outfit or runway show.

You won't see us on a runway anytime soon, but you might see some of our clients. Last year Acclaro worked on video localization projects for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co., and Saks Fifth Avenue. Read on to learn more about how we adapted their multimedia (while making sure they still looked good).

International By Design


Effective communication is a concert of the writer’s and the graphic artist’s distinctive voices, harmonizing to express the same message. Good graphic design echoes the writer’s voice in its own abstract way. While some of the cultural context of language may get lost in translation, internationalization of graphic design, the rich visual component of your communications, will ensure that your brand and your message will reach your global markets and stakeholders.

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