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Agile Software Localization Services

Agile app translation for global sim-ship 

Do your development teams work in an Agile environment? Acclaro specializes in Agile software localization for desktop, client-server, mobile and web applications. Our teams can integrate seamlessly with your scrum stakeholders to streamline the localization cycle from sprint to sprint.

Agile software localization process

Acclaro Agile Localization Process

Agile localization program with an example of a typical sprint

The process for Agile software translation is driven by several factors, including the testing plan and specific tasks that are handled by the dev team. First we set up the program elements: language assets, processes, file handling and integration points between the dev team and Acclaro teams. With the overall program in place, each sprint runs smoothly through an efficient and predictable translation cycle. Testing is only necessary when new features or UI elements are included in the sprint.

What sets Agile apart from traditional software localization is the drop frequency, size and turn-around speed. Agile localization involves the same overall steps — planning, scheduling, translating, building, testing, and review — but with Agile, it’s critical to define and automate the routine as part of the setup. Within this system, sprints become a streamlined iterative process with a very low ratio of process handling to string translation.

Agile software localization with Acclaro

Each development team has slightly different processes, technical environments, objectives and organizational requirements. We therefore see many different applications of the agile process. Some of our Agile clients send us 10 iterations of their strings, in translation-only drops, before we embark on a testing cycle. Others have us test weekly releases. Still others have decided to defer their localized releases for 60 days after an English release, using an agile process on the English side, but a more traditional workflow for the localization effort. 

These decisions depend on the demand from the market and the value that our clients can gain from a localized release. Localization is one piece of the ever-adapting development landscape that, when done right, can be as nimble as your software process.

Explore our portfolio to learn more. And, then contact us to discuss your next software localization project.

Agile translation for new language markets. We get it.

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