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Document Translation Services

Our Document Translation Solutions

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Acclaro provides comprehensive document translation services, corporate communications, marketing brochures, technical content and more. We offer high-quality document translation solutions for everything from quick-turnaround press releases to high-volume support systems, managing each task from file prep to final delivery.

Document Translation Basics 

The translation of documents usually requires more than simply translating the text from one language to another. Our service may also include:

Our Approach to Professional Document Translation

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Our publishing teams follow proven processes to prepare files and localize graphics for new language markets. It’s vital to understand what you’re working with, the right process for translating it, the various components of essential project management, and the most sophisticated and efficient systems for translating your documents. Our services cover:

Many clients have heard that Machine Translation (MT) may speed along their project and reduce the overall costs of document translation services. MT is vastly more complex as it pertains to businesses facing the reality of securing profit overseas via translation and localization.

Is MT a tool for driving down costs and improving translation speed? Depending on the project, you can realize 80% of the quality for 50% of the cost. To make the resulting translation cost-effective and satisfactory, though, there are multiple factors in play:

First, project size is a major driver in the decision to use MT on a project. Good candidates tend to have one million words or more to translate.

Second to project volume is the complexity of the source content. Complex, multi-clause sentences are difficult in MT, as are slang phrases and idiomatic expressions. The creative voice tends to get mangled in MT. This shifts the focus of many MT projects back to more technical content such as service manuals.

Thirdly, target language can be a factor in assessing whether MT is a viable option for a major translation project. In our experience, many Western European languages tend to do quite well with MT, as well as Russian. Chinese and Japanese have proven to be more difficult.

Document translation servicesWho have we worked with on document translation (and more)? Take a look at our portfolio to see examples of our translation projects. We've worked with global brands such Thomson Reuters, Visa, Netflix and Itron on translating a comprehensive range of documents destined for new language markets. These and other clients return to Acclaro again and again due to our customized processes, exceptional quality and high-touch customer service.

Your documentation, no matter the document type, format, length or target language will stand out not only due to its accuracy, but also due to its branding and consistent voice. We routinely work with our clients to develop pre-approved style guides and glossaries, a fundamental tool in the document translation and editing process. Attention to detail is essential translation of documents, especially when your documents support mission-critical training and client support goals. We bring what you say and how you say it from the page to the global stage.

Contact us today to discuss your next project or request a quote. We're looking forward to showing you how to save time and money while still achieving the highest quality translation for your documents.

Looking for more information on the nuts and bolts of globalization, translation and localization? Check out the articles on our blog or in our popular top ten tips series.

Document translation, from A to Z. We get it.

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