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Website Translation Types

Web applications to e-commerce translation

Websites come in a wide array of designs, functionalities and back-end technologies. As a result, website translation projects reflect the enormously diverse range of sites available and require unique and flexible programming, production and translation skills.

In general, the types of sites that companies are taking global fall into the following categories:

  1. Web applications: Web applications are browser-based software programs that enable users to perform tasks online. These applications range from social networking sites to booking travel to accessing company-specific databases and tools. Our web application experience ranges from simple online widgets to complex enterprise applications and e-commerce sites. Many SAAS applications have a single code instance that requires localization in synch with the English application.
    • Our services: We partner closely with our clients to translate website applications and to prepare and test regular iterative updates. Our expertise minimizes costs while maintaining an exceptional global product.
  2. E-commerce: Selling your product in the global online marketplace requires an understanding of the challenges and nuances that arise both culturally and technically when you cross borders, time zones and currency types. It is critical to the success of your business to have a translation partner that not only understands these challenges, but also provides the solutions you need to build a secure and thriving global commercial enterprise.
    • Our services: We assess your e-business needs from a cultural and technical angle to insure your product will translate accurately in the target market and that your site will function seamlessly, whether you are selling in dollars or euros, yen or pesos.
  3. Corporate and Product Marketing: Accurately translating your core messages and identity for foreign markets is crucial to maintaining a successful global brand. Marketing websites require special consideration during translation to ensure that your brand is represented appropriately and effectively, and that your marketing objectives are maintained through the local marketing effort. Proper style and tone for your localized copy, image selection and color palette choices are key to ensuring your site makes a cultural splash, not a cultural faux pas.
    • Our services: Our experienced marketing translation and localization teams will do more than translate your site copy. They will trans-create your marketing concept, ensuring that your foreign language sites are as expressive of your brand — and remain culturally appropriate.
  4. Entertainment: Media and entertainment sites span numerous subjects and categories, but whatever the topic or language, they are always about one thing: fun. Maintaining an engaging site across languages requires a knowledgeable team versed in the target market’s “scene” and local lingo.
    • Our Services: Our proven experience translating websites for top global media and entertainment companies uniquely positions us to translate entertainment portals across cultures.
  5. Technical: Whether it’s support information for a specialized tool or complex scientific or financial information, technical content requires professional translation by native subject-matter experts. Developing a comprehensive and consistent glossary is crucial to a successful translation of technical websites, whether it’s going into one foreign language or 20.
    • Our services: We custom-create translation teams to meet the needs of the project. By hand picking linguists that are experts in your industry and subject matter, we ensure an accurate translation of your site’s technical content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Acclaro also provides multilingual search engine marketing services, a recommended solution for bringing traffic to your localized website and converting leads to sales in your new market. For more information, please see our SEM localization services.

Our website translation teams are ready to translate your site for new language markets. Contact us to discuss your next online project or request a quote to get started.

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