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Document Translation Types

Multilingual document services

Our expert teams of native-speaking linguists and technicians translate nearly every kind of printed material in use, from business collateral to press releases, marketing brochures to training documentation.

Our multilingual document translation services cover many types of projects, including:

  1. Technical and Product Documentation: Whether it’s your software or hardware user manual, a quickstart guide to your electronic device or operating instructions for your household appliance, technical and product documentation needs to be accurate and accessible to your customers in all target languages.
    • Our services: Our hand picked teams of linguists draw on subject matter and industry expertise to provide exceptionally accurate translations of your company’s technical and product support content. And, our publishing experts ensure that your graphics, diagrams and screen captures are accurately adapted to the new market.
  2. Corporate communications: Along with press releases, employee manuals and year-end reports, businesses maintain a wide variety of printed materials that require translation when entities expand into new language markets.
    • Our services: We work closely with our clients to translate all business documents, regardless of the volume in as tight a timeframe as is required, minimizing costs and maintaining a consistent global corporate voice.
  3. Marketing collateral: Translating marketing materials in foreign markets is critical to maintaining a successful global brand. Marketing collateral requires special translation attention to accurately convey the information and tone of the original copy — and to ensure that image selection and color palette choices make the right impression.
    • Our services: Our experienced document translation teams do more than translate copy. They trans-create your marketing concept, ensuring that your foreign language collateral is just as brilliant, creative and culturally relevant as the original.
  4. Training Materials: Translating training material accurately is essential to ensure that your customer focus and business practices are conveyed and enacted regardless of language.
    • Our Services: We custom-create our translation teams based on the unique needs of each project, ensuring that even the highest-volume documentation demands can be delivered on time and on budget without compromising quality.

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