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Press Release Translation Services

Our Press Release Translation Services

Are you ready to harness the power of multilingual buzz generation? With our press release translation services, your company news will reach outside the confines of American and English-language media circles and catch the eye of journalists and influencers around the globe. Whether you're announcing a new product line, acquisition or international office, a multilingual press release will multiply the impact of your message, increase your online clout and boost your international reputation.

Acclaro and Kontax Multilingual Press Release Services

Acclaro recently joined forces with Kontax, a global press release service allowing customers to publish and distribute an unlimited number of press releases in the languages of their choice. With over a decade of experience tailoring marketing translation services, including translation of high-profile public relation campaigns, to image-conscious American brands and top PR agencies, Acclaro has carved out a niche for itself in the press release translation space. Combining a highly-specialized talent pool with quality-oriented processes, Acclaro has the formula for making your press release authentic, accurate and newsworthy in any language, whether for Hong Kong, Paris or Santiago.

The Benefits of Multilingual Press Releases

Multilingual press releases are not only invaluable tools for scoring media pickups and stories in major news publications around the world — they also play a critical role in an international SEO campaign. Keyword-optimized multilingual releases with links to a local-language website are a foundation for bolstering search performance with Google, Bing, Brazilian UOL or any other international search engine. International PR enables you to build the online presence and brand equity that will ultimately translate into financial success overseas.

We add further value to our press release translation services through integrating related services:

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