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Software Localization Process

A proven approach that stays flexible

Our approach to software localization is the result of years of real-world experience. We begin with a customized plan and thorough assessment of the application files, and end by delivering a foreign-language version of the original ready for launch. The key steps in our software localization process include:

Process Diagram

A customized approach

An important aspect of our approach to software localization is our understanding that each project is unique. Our teams know when to follow a process based on years of collective experience and when to customize steps along the way to best serve a client’s unique objectives. The localization of software is not a turn-key affair, but a long history navigating the challenges of thousands of hours of software localization and translation has given Acclaro a considerable reservoir of experience to draw on. It’s what allows us to bring software localization projects in on deadline and within budgets.

We’ve already brought our experience to bear on projects from Tokyo to Toronto and beyond. We would be honored to have a conversation in order to understand your goals for global profitability and international growth, and find a path to translate your software into a tool to serve those goals. There are millions of potential customers waiting for you… or your competitors.

Learn more about The Acclaro Process. And, then contact us or request a quote to get started.

Localizing software with flexible but proven processes.
We get it.

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