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Software Localization and Translation Services

Our Software Application Translation Services

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Acclaro provides complete software localization services to businesses expanding into new markets. We localize desktop, client-server, web and firmware applications from engineering and translation to testing and managing in-country reviews. 

The Case for Software Localization

Today's companies are moving more and more quickly in order to launch their applications into lucrative foreign markets. Many launch their initial product either simultaneously with, or quickly after, their English-language launch. The highly competitive software marketplace means a delay may cost you market share from a competitor down the street, or across the ocean, which is why software globalization and software translation are key moves for tech companies actively engaged in the search for international customers.

Developing markets, such as China, Brazil, and Turkey are all potential markets where software use and mobile apps are booming. Start-ups should especially consider a quick global roll-out due to external pressure, the high rate of copycatting, and high VC expectations on returns. The faster you make it to market, the more challenging it will be for your competitors to take away your market share. And don't forget also that selling into local, global markets, users will demand UI and various support documentation in their native language.

Quality software globalization (the combination of software internationalization and software localization) is the key to success. Acclaro works with companies such as Sony, Oracle, LinkedIn and Netflix to provide a one-stop solution for companies seeking software translation, engineering, Q&A, testing and more. With nearly 15 years of experience with all types of software platforms, specializing in web, SaaS and mobile apps, Acclaro ensures a smooth, top-quality launch in any language on any timeline.

Software Localization Defined

As our teams work to internationalize and localize software, they follow proven processes to prepare specific software types and components for launch. We group software localization services into the following areas:

Learn More About Our Software Localization Services

Our teams have mastered complex international standards and draw on industry best practices and tools to successfully produce localized software. We group our software services in two broad categories:

  1. Internationalization: The process of designing (or re-engineering) software to support users in other locales and markets. This includes separating text from code, supporting local standards, such as date, time and currency, and handling Unicode or other character encoding standards for input, storage and display for the target locale. Software internationalization creates a global product that is independent of any specific language and locale elements and is engineered to facilitate the localization process.
  2. Localization: The process of adapting a product to a specific market and language. This parallels the process for creating the English or source language original, and includes translating the text, as well as reformatting and testing the final product for the target language environment. Localization encompasses the entire product including software, help files, documentation, packaging and marketing material.

Software localization servicesRegardless of the complexity of your software localization project, our teams are ready to work with you to bring your application to new language markets. Contact us today to discuss your next project or request a quote.

Software localization — simple or complex. We get it.

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