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Web Application Translation

Detailing our areas of expertise

Web app localizationAcclaro provides software localization and internationalization solutions for many types of software. Here are four primary areas of expertise and service that provide an overview of our approach to working with software applications translations.

  1. Web applications: Our web application translation experience ranges from simple online widgets to complex enterprise applications and e-commerce sites. Many SAAS applications have a single code instance that requires localization in synch with the English application.
    • Our services: Our teams work closely with our clients to localize web applications and to quickly translate and test regular iterative updates, minimizing costs and maintaining an exceptional global product.
  2. Desktop applications: Our consumer and business software experience ranges from word-processors to video-editing applications and MP3 media managers. As with all localization work, language quality and functionality is critical to public perception of a brand. Translation, formatting or functional issues released in the product appear quickly as feedback and can increase customer service and support costs and require costly updates to fix.
    • Our services: In addition to delivering a high-quality language service, Acclaro will help maximize your marketing budget and return on localization by managing the business processes for multilingual simultaneous releases. Our comprehensive services include executing builds and fully testing the localized software across multiple operating systems and languages to produce superior desktop localizations.
  3. Client-server applications: Acclaro’s enterprise software experience includes front and back office enterprise applications. Challenges to client-server application translation includes localizing product databases and administration and user components, which often run in multiple languages simultaneously across a single global installation and can mix languages on a single screen. In addition, applications have specialized subject-matter and user requirements ranging from Information Systems staff to accountants and sales-reps.
    • Our services: We begin the web application translation processes by examining all component interactions and user needs. Due to the complex nature of QA testing, our teams create detailed localization test plans and exacting test environments to ensure accurate outcomes. We utilize a virtualized server infrastructure to run localized applications, replicate the user experience, identify bugs and verify fixes to deliver exceptional results.
  4. Firmware and mobile applications: Acclaro has localized interfaces for phones, PDAs and medical devices. These small programs have space constraints that require creating unique translation solutions and are often difficult to test given hardware and external requirements such as local phone network access.
    • Our services: We work within the character limitations of small fixed-width displays and use emulators as well as actual in-market devices for testing products to deliver highly successful applications.

Our teams are ready to prepare your unique software package or applications for new language markets. Contact us to discuss your next project or request a quote.

Localizing software applications. We get it.

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