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Website Translation & Localization Process

Localizing websites one piece at a time

Website localization requires a coherent approach to translating numerous interrelated parts, each with its own technical and linguistic requirements. Web translation goes beyond the basics of brochure work and instructional materials. A website today can be as sophisticated and useful as a fully featured piece of enterprise software, and getting it right in a new international market demands a sophisticated, coordinated, well-organized approach. As a project progresses, work on multiple areas is often pursued in parallel to maximize efficiency and meet deadlines. Teams must communicate well, and processes must be in place to drive global launches to completion on-time and within budget. That’s what we do.

Acclaro knows from experience what goes into successful web translation projects. Below we take a look at the key components of most website translation projects:

If it seems complex, don't worry. Our teams of engineers and linguists work systematically, step by step, to produce exceptional website translations, and we've managed projects of all sizes up and down the scale. Contact us to discuss your next project, or simply request a quote.

Localizing the whole website. We get it.

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